The Temple of You Guided Meditation

Locate the breath in the body. It may not feel the same today as it did yesterday or how it will feel tomorrow. Accept your breath exactly how is it and allow it to move naturally in and out of your body, following it's course like a winding river.

Once you have become comfortable and your nervous system has settled a bit you can try to make your breath a little deeper, not holding it or forcing it, but allowing it to flow into your lower belly, and move slowly out of your nose. If you want to practice Ujayi breath here you may bring a slight contraction to your throats to access that slower breath, that ocean wave sound in your throat. 

Now take one hand and allow it to hover about two or three inches above your head. Focus your awareness on the crown of your head. Do you feel your energy there?  Can you feel a warmth or a breeze?  Focus on your crown and breathe through it.

All is dark now and you feel yourself being transported through time and space to a place beyond.

Beyond your earthly body, beyond the confines of this world, you move.

You hear the Tibetan singing bowls and recognize that you have stopped right in front of a temple. It is the temple of you.

It is a sacred place dedicated just to you.

There is nobody else around, this place is only for you.

It can look however you see it.

It could be ornate or simple. The main thing is that it feels sacred and that you understand it is here to honor your divinity. 

Pass through the doors of the temple and find that there is a beautiful light inside.

You are the light 

You are the love

You are a lightning rod between heaven and earth

Everything that happens through you is divinely guided so you need not worry.

You only need to live your life with grace, love and joy. 

You only need to practice coming back to yourself when the world starts to change your perspective.

When you start to shut down your heart to anything or anyone or god forbid yourself! You come back inside your home, your hearth, your heart. You find there a deep well of beautiful tenderness and love.

Here we can remember.

Here we can just be.

Here we can unplug.

Here we can access a higher vibration.

And we can then go back to the world and live authentically!

Because if you change the way you think, then you change your reality. 

Nothing was ever invented without someone first creating it in their mind. The mind is a powerful tool, and we are only using 3% of that potential in our daily lives. So we need to stoke our creativity and allow our creative energy to move us towards abundance. Allow ourselves to channel the elevated life the universe wants for us, and then just simply live. 

Thank your temple for allowing you to be renewed and walk back through the doors I to the darkness, with the intention to travel back to this space