Forest bathing, or the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, is a powerful mindfulness meditation technique in which you spend time "bathing" your senses in the serenity of the forest. During this guided meditation we will practice forest bathing together through a visualization of being in the forest under the powerful energy of the full moon. This guided meditation is accompanied by Tibetan Singing Bowls played by Jenny Cribbs, which adds healing on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels.  Enjoy the free 17 minute stream or download below.

We are going to cleanse the mind and spirit by connecting to the moon’s energy and renewing ourselves through the visualization of forest bathing. This Japanese healing technique can be practiced on the astral plane through our guided meditation and visualization. By connecting to the grounded earth energy. we can replicate the experience of actually being in the forest, but with the added benefit of creating our own, perfect forest world in our mind that we can return to again and again at any time.

To Practice the Meditation:
Sit crossed legged with a straight spine, the shoulders down the back and the chin slightly tucked or lay down without a pillow (or using a pillow under the knees only). Close down the eyes and let them be still. Remove any tension in the jaw, any lines in the forehead. Allow yourself this time to sit in quiet contemplation without any distractions.

Take a deep breath in through the nose, then open your mouth and let out a sigh. Do this two more times. Start to pay attention to your natural breath. Follow your breath around your body for a few moments. Let the darkness surround you.

Now start to visualize yourself walking into the trees at night time. You come to an entrance in the trees. The full moon is shining brightly here, as if it is shining a spotlight on the forest and you know you are meant to enter the woods. Connect to your heart through your breath. The breath lifts the chest and collar bones lightly, gently connecting your heart space to the green of your forest. Breathe in the fresh, natural, woodsy green of the trees. Breathe in the scent of the forest, the earthy, lovely smell of life. Fresh air caresses your skin and you are aware that your sensations are heightened.

You start to sense your own body as a field of energy. Notice the interplay between your energy and the forest’s. You stand at the entrance for a few moments more and ask that mother moon and grandmother forest help you to cleanse your energy bodies and release any stuck, unhealthy, negative energy that may have been lingering. You also ask that your conscious and subconscious minds be cleaned, cleared and reset, so that you may be empowered to live your best life.

You take a slow step, heal to toe, feeling every bit of your foot as it touches the forest floor. As you walk bare-foot into the forest, you feel connected to the earth. To Pachamama. To that great Mother energy that supports you in everything you do. You pause by a great big tree. Follow its shape from roots to bark to branches - the textures and colours and patterns of this wise old tree. Place your hands on its trunk. Take a deep breath, breathing in the calm, stable, sacred energy of the big tree. Allow it to become familiar to you with each breath.

Rest under your tree and bathe in its serenity. It is so peaceful, so calm. There are other trees nearby, and you stay in the presence of your tree community and take in the sounds, sights and sensations of the forest under the full moon. Explore your surroundings for a few minutes - the serene aliveness of the forest at night.

Look towards the sky and feel the power of the full moon, beaming down her transformative energy with her rays. Allow the light of the moon to permeate you. Visualize the bright white light filling every cell of your body, clearing away what no longer serves you. When you are full of white light in your body let it overflow into your aura, expanding ever outward, out into the dark forest until it becomes lighter and brighter and you open your third eye and visualize every little detail of the forest that surrounds you. You are like a lantern, beaming light energy out into the dark forest.

When you are ready to return, you walk slowly and mindfully over to a little stream. You kneel down and splash your face with cool water, renewed, energized and full of love.