Rainbow Chakra Meditation: Freedom of Movement and Thought Deep Self Care Yoga Retreat

During this guided meditation we will visualize each colour of the rainbow as a beautiful part of the full spectrum and relate it to each energy center or chakra in the body’s energy system. This will balance us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, and ensure that we are functioning in our highest dimension. To start we will connect to the heart space, a beautiful gateway to our higher self.

The author Lorin Roche gives us a beautiful way to the heart chakra, Anahata, in his book The Radiance Sutras

He says:

Anahata: Unbeaten, unwounded. Produced otherwise than by beating.


Whenever you can, listen to waterfalls, streams, rivers and oceans —any flowing water. Listen from different distances so you can appreciate both the steady roar and a distant hum. Sometimes go so far away that you can barely hear it. Meditate in all these places so you will become attuned to the rushing and to the whisper. The word anahata suggests that you explore and find the sounds that are particularly soothing to your heart. This is a good practice in and of itself, and it also attunes the body to other types of flowing currents, even internal ones.

There are many rivers inside a human body, thousands of miles of blood vessels. That is just the physical level. On the level of the prana body, there is similar intricacy. This yukti invites us to listen to the flow of life within. There is a sound of your own heart center vibrating. You may hear it if you are finely tuned. It is the song of you, the rushing like a river, a whisper. Once in a while you may hear it while meditating, especially in the early hours of the morning before dawn. No matter what your technique, sometimes the quiet roar will just be there. There is nothing you did that caused it. When this happens, simply listen and be with it.

Hata is a term in Indian music meaning “struck, beaten (as a drum). In Sanskrit, when you add a short a to a word, it means the opposite, so anahata is “unstruck” — the chord that keeps resonating without beginning or end. Anahata is also a term used in the chakra system to refer to the heart center, the wheel of life energy vibrating in the region of the physical heart. So right here we have one of those cheerful little jokes you find everywhere in Sanskrit: hearts beat —that’s what they do. And hearts get wounded. Any time you want, come take refuge here and be healed, in your essential heart that is steadily humming along.” - Lorin Roche

To do the meditation:

Laying down in a comfortable position with a straight spine, with a pillow under your knees, let your eyes close. Still the eyes, let them get heavy in their sockets. Let your body soften, while elongating the spine. Let your body get comfortable, shifting your shoulders down your back and making way for the life force energy to flow up and down your spine with your breath. Start to watch your breath. Breathe deeply into your belly, but let the breath move naturally.

In your mind’s eye you are laying in a soft green grassy area. Looking up at the daytime sky, a few dark rain clouds are moving quickly, blown by a gentle wind, and a rainbow appears, bright and luminous. As you breathe in, the rainbow gets brighter, and you feel a warm, happy sensation. As you breathe out, the colour dims a little, and you feel a refreshing, cooling, spacious feeling. Breathe in and out as you visualize the perfect colour spectrum, right before you. You feel like you could almost touch it, it appears very close to you. As you continue to breathe the rainbow is moving closer to you with each breath.

Soon you find yourself immersed in the first bright red luminous rays. See now that your body is bathed in red light, which is pooling and concentrating in a space a the base of your spine, the area of the root chakra. As this cherry red light encompasses your being you automatically let go of any fear. You feel grounded in reality. Breathe in the red light and know you are exactly where you should be. You are supported, stable and strong. The red light shines into you and you are aware of the fact that you are safe, secure and loved.

Next, the red light turns to Orange. The orange river of light flows into you and swirls like a whirlpool at the bottom of your belly. You automatically let go of any negative emotional impulses, any guilt, any shame as you breathe the swirl of orange light emenating from the rainbow before you. You are filled with the energy of positive emotions such as love, happiness, being in flow with everything and everyone. You enjoy your life. You feel deep satisfaction, creatively, sexually, emotionally. You feel nurturing and nurtured. You can express your true self and feel clear, balanced and calm as the orange light moves into a golden yellow.

Breathe in the bright yellow light as it beams its rays straight into your upper abdomen, your solar plexus. Here in the center of your being is the power and the energy of the self. Here the yellow light purifies and burns up any self doubt, any negative patterning, any self-sabotage. As the golden light fills you up you are struck by the realization of inner strength, power and being yourself completely, unapologetically. You know your worth, and what you have to give to the world. You feel you are able tot take action and as you are immersed into the yellow light you feel a strong inner flame that you know will sustain you ever forward.

Yellow turns to green as the light travels toward your heart space. You breathe in the green light and it fills your entire chest and you instantly let go of any heaviness, any pain, sorrow or grief. You now feel as light as air. You embody the colour green — fresh, vibrant, alive. You are weightless. The green of the rainbow beams into your heart chakra, the unstruck chord vibrates within, and you feel so much love. Love for yourself first and foremost. And love and gratitude for your family, friends and community. Deep reverence for Mother Earth, Pachamama, she who gives us life. You feel a deep connection to the all, the universe. Breathe deeply into Anahata and listen to the message coming from deep within the center of your self. The seat of the soul, where your true self observes all and waits for you. What signs, symbols or messages does the higher self want to share? Dwell in your heart space and breathe deeply for a few minutes, bringing the air to all parts of your chest, opening your lungs, expanding your ribs, your collar bones, your shoulders with the breath. Languishing in the rich green light, the prana swirls, and you feel at home.

Now the green shifts to a turquoise and then a sky blue, and you take in the blue stripe of the rainbow, which centers its rays on your throat, automatically releasing any stuck energy or blockage relating to expressing your true self. You have no more self-deception. The blue light shines into your body and stimulates a feeling of truth of pure expression and free flowing creativity. Here you feel able to speak your truth and stand up for what you believe. You can manifest your creative visions and realize your purpose in this lifetime. You listen actively and feel heard by others. You have a direct connection to your spirit and can express your soul’s yearnings easily. Your voice is as unique and beautiful as a sound current.

Moving further into the rainbow the blue turns to a beautiful purple as you rise to the colour of indigo. As this purple blue light shines into your eyes all fogginess and illusion disappears and you are left with a clear vision of yourself and your life in the big picture. You are no longer just “you” but an integral part of the Universe, and you become absorbed into the All. You trust your intuition, your third eye, and know that everything is unfolding exactly how it should. There is no time but the present moment. You have a deep knowing that you can perceive more than what is available to the human eye. You can sense more than the third dimension. You are in touch with other realms. The indigo light streams right into the third eye between your brows, and you are infinitely connected to a higher source of wisdom, to divinity. Stay here and breathe in that indigo rainbow beam straight into your Ajna chakra, the third eye.

As you breathe you move into the last stripe of the luminous rainbow, a beautiful violet colour, which centers its stream on the very top of your head. As the entire rainbow glows below, you turn your head and see it as pure white light in one direction or as the full spectrum rainbow in the other. The white light takes out any remaining stuck energy from your soul, and removes any doubt that you are, in fact, divine. You become so full and radiant with white light, you feel blissful. You feel peaceful and happy, you could stay here forever. You surrender completely. There is no space and no time. Your body dissolves and you are now pure consciousness. You are united with everything, you’re vast, and spacious, universal. Stay here and appreciate the bliss of connection you feel at the crown chakra. The thousand-petalled-lotus of enlightenment floats above your head, dripping its ecstatic nectar.