Fresh, local, delicious.

Your 3 daily meals and afternoon snacks will be prepared in house by our staff who have many years of experience preparing well balanced, tasty, veggie cuisine. Renew yourself in every way from the inside out and learn about new tropical fruits and vegetables that you may have never heard of or tried before. We shop at the farmer's market for the majority of our local fresh foods, and most of our ingredients are local and organic. We also offer a daily fresh juice or smoothie which you can have at any time of the day. 


Special diets, restrictions and additional protiens:

The food we offer is as a base vegan, but we also can prepare gluten-free, octo-lacto, kosher, and additional protein such as fish or chicken for those who want it. If you have any food allergies or strong aversions we can accommodate those restrictions too! Just let us know and we'll make it happen so that you can enjoy your food to the max!



7 am: Coffee, tea, juice and fruit. 

8:30 am: Full Breakfast buffet

12pm: Full Lunch buffet

3pm: Afternoon Snack

6:30 pm: Full Dinner buffet

Juice Bar: Open 7am-9pm


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