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I am offering energy balancing sessions in person here in Jacó Costa Rica 🇨🇷 and for my pals abroad I’m giving distance sessions! ✨It’s PWYC (and if I know you personally you can snag one of my first 10 sessions FREE) You just need 1.5-2 hours of undisturbed “you-time” (that alone sounds good -am I right?!) The session includes a consultation/chat, personalized meditation & breathwork with soundbath, crystal grid, aromatherapy and reiki energy healing to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. You don’t need to believe anything to experience the benefits, just come with an open heart ❤️
PM/email/whatsapp me to book your session! You deserve it!

Art: “Luciferin” by @megmite

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Forest Bathing Guided Meditation - free download

With Tibetan singing bowls

Forest bathing, or the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, is a powerful mindfulness meditation technique in which you spend time "bathing" your senses in the serenity of the forest. During this guided meditation we will practice forest bathing together through a visualization of being in the forest under the powerful energy of the full moon. This guided meditation is accompanied by Tibetan Singing Bowls played by Jenny Cribbs, which adds healing on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels.  Enjoy the free 17 minute stream or download below: