Juliana was an amazing host! The hotel is clean and beautiful and organized. The retreat was a perfect balance of activities and free time. I honestly can’t wait to go back!!! Thanks so much!!
— Dawn Lewis, retreat guest

I was fortunate enough to attend the Esencia Solar ‘freedom of movement and thought’ retreat in May, and dream of days when I can do it all again. Kiera Lani lead daily qi gong exercises, Teva Harrison guided us through depth journaling, and Juliana Vegh kept us grounded with evening meditations and SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD!

I did not know what to expect out of a retreat, but it exceeded all the expectations I had. A warm environment made it easy to socialize and I made some amazing friends. The food was out of this world, as is the location. What I really wasn’t prepared for, was the effect of spending so much dedicated time looking within myself, assessing my creative position, working through my emotional burdens. The retreat brought back a balance that I was missing, and I left feeling lighter than when I had come in. I will forever be grateful to Juliana for organizing such an enriching experience.
— Hannah Donegan, Retreat Guest

I’m so grateful I was able to attend Esencia Solar’s ‘Freedom of Movement and Thought’ retreat in May. The entire experience was peaceful and grounding from start to finish, in the most relaxed & welcoming setting that was the Vista Pacifico.

Juliana planned the schedule so thoughtfully, all while leading tranquil meditations and cooking absolutely phenomenal cuisine! I really appreciated the morning movements with Keira, as they started each day off on the right foot. The journaling sessions with Teva helped me to access parts of myself I may not have been able to reach without her guidance.

This retreat helped me remember how to relax (too easy to forget how to do, when you live in a big city) and come back to myself in a focused and calming way. I can’t thank Juliana enough for the experience, and all the lessons I took from it. Big love to the Esencia Solar team for everything.
— Jocelyn Reynolds, Retreat Guest