Costa Rica is Pura Vida!

Come and learn about the people, places and ecology of magical Costa Rica. We have many ways you can submerse yourself in the culture and nature of this tropical gem. Learn why Costa Rica is one of the Blue Zones, and one of the world's happiest countries. Encounter the artwork of pre-columbian cultures and also the traditions that have survived colonization. Let this warm people show you what Pura Vida truly means and enjoy the delicious typical foods such as "Gallo Pinto" and festive Tamales. Educate yourself on the conservation and environmentally friendly aspects of this nature-loving country, and cultivate hope for the future of the planet!


Nature Photography

Our location on the top of a hill affords us amazing views and daily views of bright Scarlet Macaws! Our location is a birder's paradise, but there are many other sights worthy of your photography: diverse trees and flowering tropical plants, insects, reptiles, dolphins and whales,  monkeys, anteaters, kinkajoos, snakes, sea turtles, gorgeous hills, rivers, waterfalls, volcanoes - even the ants will impress you!

Rainforest Hiking

Our location amongst primary rainforest allows us ample time to get out in Nature and enjoy all she has to offer. From a quick hike to the Mirador Miró, to a full day exploring the trails full of white-faced monkeys and sloths in Manuel Antonio national park, we will have lots of diverse natural environment to explore. Bring your binoculars and your camera as you're sure to see something different each and every time!


Pacific Ocean 

The southern pacific zone of Costa Rica is one of the best places to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation, with some of the best surf in the world. There are many ways you can enjoy the calm, clear waters of the Pacific Ocean while you visit Costa Rica - from relaxing in a chair on the beach or taking in the sunset, to getting active and surfing or paddle-boarding the waves. Snorkeling and Kayaking, Sailing, Dolphin and Whale watching are all possible activities to dive into the warm, deep blue, regenerative ocean.