Morning Yoga


Each day of our regular retreats we will have a chance to start the day off right by practicing yoga. At Esencia Solar we are 100% inclusive and all postures can be modified for all skill levels and body types. We tend to focus on gentle Yin Yoga and dynamic Kundalini Yoga.

We also want to spread our love of yoga to the kids and families who visit, and we have a certified Children's Kidding Around Yoga instructor on staff to ensure they love this OMazing practice!


Evening Meditation


Every day we will have a quiet evening ritual and a guided mediation before dinner time. This is a very powerful time of the day to give thanks for the amazing experiences we've had and integrate the lessons learned. Some nights we may include music, singing bowls and other instrumentation during the meditation. 

Come and deepen your practice with us, and learn some new techniques, skills and levels of mindfulness!

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